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Nancy L - FIT CUI exercising

Nancy L – FIT CUI exercising

Imagine fitting in a workout WHILE cooking dinner or preparing a dessert!  The FIT CUI program, devised by fitness instructor Nancy L. provides step-by-step recipes and fitness instructions. The result is your meal preparation being packed with healthy exercise and cuisine.  Now you can with FitCui, Fitness Cuisine!!

FIT CUI – Short for Fitness Cuisine – is a program created for people interested in utilizing the time while preparing meals to fit in a few repetitions of healthy activity.

The FIT CUI program provides you with:

  • delicious nutritious recipes
  • easy and effective exercises that you can do within the confines of your kitchen.

While preparing and cooking your meal, the FIT CUI program provides step by step cooking instructions WITH corresponding step by step fitness instructions while you cook!

Fitness instructor Nancy L. has created a fun and efficient blend of fitness and cuisine resulting in a satisfying routine and meal.  Now you may buy it at

FitCui – Available on



Mindful Snacking

Indulging to treat yourself to a snack is OK, but it’s important to be mindful about calories and nutrients so that good choices are made. Mindful snacking requires thinking ahead of time and making smart choices.  Make sure that snacking habits are not adding too many calories and too few nutrients.

Check out the nutrition labels at the grocery store and make smart choices when shopping.  Select snacks that will maintain energy levels and nutritional needs.  Watch out for added sugars and salt.  Mindful snacking can help to sustain overall good health; fight weight gain and fatigue.

Make sure that the food you choose is what’s best for you.   Hap hazard snacking habits can hamper your health.  Check this out:

Question – Is Cotton Candy or a Chocolate covered frozen banana the healthier sweet treat?

Cotton candy is full of sugar (220 calories), but it does contain has fewer calories than the chocolate covered frozen banana (240 calories). However, the banana provides more nutrients:  540 mg potassium and 4 grams of fiber.  The Chocolate-Covered Frozen Banana is the healthier choice of the two.

Question – Is Potato Salad or Pasta salad the healthier side dish?

Each has about the same number of calories and fat: 1 cup serving size contains 360 calories and 20 grams of fat. but the potato salad has more sodium (1,323 mg), Pasta Salad has less sodium (924 mg).  Pasta Salad is the healthier choice of the two.  Make it even healthier by using whole wheat noodles, providing more fiber (bran), vitamin E,  B vitamins, antioxidants, protein, and healthy fat.

Question – Is a Hot Dog or Nachos the healthier food choice?

Neither of these is the best nutritional choice.  The Hot Dog is a better choice, though, with a lot less calories (400) while nachos contain more than twice the calories (1,100). However, the Hot Dog does also contain lots of sodium (1,000 mg) and fat (22 g).

Question – Is a piece of Pecan Pie or Vanilla Milkshake the healthier dessert choice?

Pecan Pie is very high in calories (500/slice) and fat, but it’s actually the better choice compared to the calories of the Vanilla milkshake (1,300).  An even better choice would be a slice of fruit pie (200-300 calories).

Question – Is an Ice Cream Sandwich or a Vanilla Milkshake the healthier snack choice?

Ice Cream Sandwich is the healthier choice. A typical Ice Cream Sandwich has less calories (180) and less fat (4 grams) compared to an Ice Cream Sundae Cone calories (240) and fat (12 grams).  An even better choice would be a Fudgsicle (100 calories) and (2 grams of fat).

Question – Is a Margarita or a Pina Colada the better frozen cocktail choice?

Both frozen drinks contain lots of calories: Margarita (540 calories); Piña Colada (430 calories).  However, the fat free Margarita is a better choice.  The Pina Colada contains 5 grams of fat and more sugar.  An even better choice would be a wine spritzer or a shot of gin or vodka mixed with club soda (100 calories).


We’ve made a few changes that we think will benefit you, our FIT CUI® fans!

FIT CUI® Starter Kit On Sale!


Our FIT CUI® Starter kit – our 3-ring binder stand is ON SALE and offers (15) starter recipe/fitness cards!

Originally $45, the Starter Kit is now $35

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We now offer a selection of wonderful items that feature the FIT CUI® brand.

New Book!

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Soft Covered Book

We are continuing to improve FIT CUI with new offerings!

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Healthy Trail Mix

Trail mix is a handy snack, especially when hiking, before/after a workout, or just in general when a quick energy boost is needed.  It is sometimes also called GORP, good old raisins and peanuts.

It is lightweight, easy to store, and nutritious – containing carbohydrates in the dried fruit or grains, for sustained energy from fats in nuts, along with protein.

BUT, not all trail mixes are created equal!  They can contain too many fats and sugars.  We must need to be aware of the QUALITY of the fat and sugar.  Rather than consuming “store bought” trail mix, make your own.

Use your favorite, healthy ingredients to create your own customized mix.  Include:

Nuts: Ideally, use raw nuts that haven’t been coated and roasted in hydrogenated or soybean oils and salt.

Seeds: Provide protein, iron, magnesium and an array of vitamins and minerals. Again, use raw, unsalted seeds.

Dried Fruit:  Contains a high amount of sugar.  But dried fruit works well to boost energy after physical activity. Use sun dried fruit that isn’t coated in extra sugar.

Other Yummies:  Add in Dark chocolate, popcorn, pretzels, peanut butter chips or your own invention.

Be mindful of the ingredients.  The calories can add up fast!

Here is a FitCui Trail Mix recipe that we like to use.  FitCui is Fitness + Cuisine, meal preparation packed with healthy exercise and cuisine.

HealthyTrailMix  Healthy Trail Mix


  • 4 Cups Cheerios or other whole grain cereal
  • 1 Cup dried berries (such as blueberries, cranberries or cherries)
  • ½ Cup Raisins
  • ½ Banana chips or Apple chips
  • ½ Cup flaked Coconut
  • 1 Cup Almonds or Cashews
  • 1 Cup Dark Chocolate chips.


  1. Add in all ingredients to a mixing bowl.
  2. Mix by stirring together all ingredients.
  3. Divide ¼ Cup of the mixture into individual snack bags.

Nutrition:  Per Serving (1/4 Cup):  100 Calories

5 g total fat, 35 mg sodium, 36 mg potassium, 250 mg calcium, 3 g protein, 8 g sugar, 9 g fiber.

Makes:  32 servings; Prep Time: 10 minutes; Total Time: 20 minutes.