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Nancy L - FIT CUI exercising

Nancy L – FIT CUI exercising

Imagine fitting in a workout WHILE cooking dinner or preparing a dessert!  The FIT CUI program, devised by fitness instructor Nancy L. provides step-by-step recipes and fitness instructions. The result is your meal preparation being packed with healthy exercise and cuisine.  Now you can with FitCui, Fitness Cuisine!!

FIT CUI – Short for Fitness Cuisine – is a program created for people interested in utilizing the time while preparing meals to fit in a few repetitions of healthy activity.

The FIT CUI program provides you with:

  • delicious nutritious recipes
  • easy and effective exercises that you can do within the confines of your kitchen.

While preparing and cooking your meal, the FIT CUI program provides step by step cooking instructions WITH corresponding step by step fitness instructions while you cook!

Fitness instructor Nancy L. has created a fun and efficient blend of fitness and cuisine resulting in a satisfying routine and meal.  Now you may buy it at

FitCui – Available on