We offer a nice selection of companion merchandise for a total FIT CUI™ experience.

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New Soft-cover Book!

FIT-CUI-book-800Nancy has updated her custom binder to now be in the form of a convenient soft cover book. Each book includes a series of easy and effective Recipes and Exercises to help you on your Fitness and Cuisine journey!




Enjoy all the benefits of a Chef’s apron while following your FIT CUI™ cuisine instructions or while cooking your own recipes. These aprons are 100% cotton and are adjustable for all shapes and sizes.




Travel in style with your new FIT CUI™ Tote bag! Sturdy and attractive, this tote is made of 100% cotton with canvas and mesh details. Great for trips to the gym, the grocer, picnics – any time you need a great carry all!


FIT-CUI-Visor-800Shade yourself from the sun in this comfortable and stylish FIT CUI™ visor. Adjustable for any size and washable. Easily portable and able to drop in the laundry if need be. Sporty and sophisticated!



FIT-CUI-mug-800Start the day with a hot beverage greeting you in our new FIT CUI mug. Rainy day? Cloudy Day? It won’t matter – our mug’s sunny yellow bring sunshine no matter the climate or weather.


Pot Holder

FIT-CUI-PotHolder-800Hot plate? Hot pan? No problem! Reach for these sturdy pot holders anytime you need a hand with your oven meals. Enjoy also as a sunny trivet for your dishes. Individual purchase, or buy many for yourself or as gifts for friends!